Passion opens a world of possibilities

Otto Hirsch und Johann Bogensberger

Otto Hirsch is someone who does everything with passion and enthusiasm. He turned his parents’ painting service into an internationally flourishing company, which is by now headed by the next generation. Already in the past, Otto Hirsch has repeatedly and very successfully proven his expertise and decades of experience in the area of interior fittings – both nationally and throughout Europe. Three major contracts which he succeeded in winning within a short space of time made him re-discover his real love: The love of major projects all over the world.

So what does Otto Hirsch do with this realisation? He founds a new company with which he can export what he believes in into the whole world: solid Austrian craftsmanship. Though it is quite common in international business to work with quickly trained, semi-skilled labourers, Otto Hirsch relies on a team in which each individual has really learned his trade. He as the contractor is the point of intersection where all the threads come together, so that the client needs only one single contact person.

And because Otto Hirsch is not a lone wolf, but rather a team player, he has found a congenial partner: Johann Bogensperger already has experience as the construction manager of large-scale projects including the airport in Tajikistan, a construction site in Gabon and another project in Russia. He is the one Otto Hirsch has gotten on board as team leader and organiser. As a 50 % partner of Hirsch International and Managing Director of Hirsch International Switzerland, he can “try his wings” and put his abilities to full use.
Besides the enthusiasm for their projects, Otto Hirsch and Johann Bogensperger share another connection: Both are convinced that greatness can only come about when everyone is pulling together. With Hirsch International, the two would like to export these maxims into the whole world.


Otto Hirsch

Otto Hirsch
Executive Partner
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Johann Bogensberger

Johann Bogensperger
Executive Partner
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